Monitorization of protocols and services security state in a continues daily basis. For more infomation, please contact us.
We work according to the standards: ISO27001:2013, ISO 27002:2013, ISO22301, PCI-DSS, PTES, OWASP e ITIL


The volume and sophistication of computer attacks has exponentially increased, in which cybercriminals change the form and attack techniques, depending on the market, reason and purpose.

Nowadays, the security in networks and information systems in organizations must be performed on a pro-active way, through the adoption of security policies (users, appropriate software settings and updates), to ensure the operation of IT infrastructure as well as any information system.

This way comes the HardSecure, Security Network and Information Systems, with the ability of Security Incident Responses.

Our offices are in Portugal (Lisbon and Braga) and Cape Verde.

We have a partnership with local companies in the following contries: Spain, England, Angola, Mozambique, Equatorial Guinea, Sao Tome and Principe and Dubai.

Our company is focus on Information Security, with 10 years of expirience and operating in the following areas: Audits, Consulting, Security Incident Response, Ofensive Security (Pentest e Pentest as a Service - HardSiteMonitor), Forense Analysis, Defensive Security (we have a partnership with security vendors that are in the Top of Gartner), Professional Services: Outsoursing, Maintenance, Training and support with all the technologies that we represent. 



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The Fortinet Global Threat Report reveals that a poor security environment and the use of high-risk applications are the primary engine for the propagation of destructive cyber attacks in record time.
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Hackers are taking Hackers are taking advantage of WannaCry to spread spam and phishingadvantage of WannaCry to spread spam and phishing
During the second half of 2017, hackers involved in distributing spam attempted to take advantage of the existing fear of the ransomware WannaCry attack that emerged in May to steal information from users
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Kaspersky Event - Viseu Dão Lafões Intermunicipal Community
At April 21rst of 2016, will be held in CIM VDL, a Kaspersky technology presentation, where will be presented endpoint security solutions, as well as cybersecurity solutions/services. In this event, will be IT municipalities adinistrators that belong to the community as well as stakeholders (should the entities outside the community interested in attending the event, contact the Hardsecure).
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3 ways to check your phone for malicious Android apps
Google Play Protect is the company's newest tool aimed at helping Android users stay clear of any suspicious apps. The service constantly scans your Android phone or tablet and will alert you if there's an issue. Keep in mind, Play Protect is designed to scan and identify bad apps in the Play Store.