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Information Security Compliance Service

Information Security Compliance is the practice of exercising due diligence and due care to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of critical business assets.

An effective program takes a holistic view of an organization’s security needs, and implements the proper physical, technical, and administrative controls to meet those objectives.


Information Security Compliance Service is comprised of the following elements:

  • Establishes a comprehensive baseline for an organization’s security posture, and diligent security practices build on that baseline, to ensure that the business is covered from every angle.

  • Support the organization to identify any gaps in the existing Information Security program, which might not have otherwise been identified outside of a compliance audit.

  • Create an effective Information Security program, which will enable a business to go beyond checking boxes and start employing truly robust practices to protect its most critical assets. Hardsecure applies the concepts like defense-in-depth, layered security systems, and user awareness training, along with regular tests by external parties to ensure that these controls are actually working.

The Service is available in the following options:

  • Create a baseline security program.
  • Identify gaps in the existing Information Security program.
  • Create an effective Information Security program.

Added Value

  • We give to our customers a complete device visibility. Assess who, what, where, OS versions and more of customer devices in real time.

  • We control the system configurations and manage weak or default passwords—even on agentless IoT devices.

  • We deliver services to grant a complete monitorization of change management, configuration management, patch management in all IT & IOT/OT environment.

  • Our services grant segmentation without disruption. Risky devices are contained in secure trust zones that enable critical operations to continue.

  • Our services grant an automate response and remediation, with detection of missing/broken agents and take real-time actions without waiting weeks for point-in-time VA scans.

  • We can view and enforce compliance across customer entire network and to orchestrate responses by integrating with customer existing security solutions.
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