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What is Cyber Effect?

Cyber Effect is a process that allows to improve the organization's Security and Cybersecurity maturity level.

How does it work?

If the organization intends to join, an initial assessment is established to identify the organization's Security and Cybersecurity maturity status. Then, an action plan is drawn up that involves areas such as processes, procedures, documentation, framework and technical and technological design, which will include services that fall within the scope of Cyber Effect (which in some cases may be customized according to the reality of the organization). Thus, we guarantee the provision of solutions and services that improve maturity in security and cybersecurity, being carried out step by step, always respecting the institution's internal resources and priorities.

How many levels are there?

There are four levels of Cyber Effect, however there may be situations where the organization is in a transition phase between levels, as well as levels that must be customized, according to the business and reality of the institution.

How to increase the level of security?

Increased Security & Cybersecurity is closely linked to the following aspects:


  • Monitoring trends and developments in these operation areas.
  • Maintenance of updates of all assets connected in data network.
  • Control of access to employees' services and information.
  • Perimeter design and dimensioning, network segregation and segmentation.
  • Creation of policies, SecOps, procedures, processes, methodologies, and hardening guides for systems considered critical to the institution's business.
  • Alignment of processes and procedures with the policies and functionalities implemented in the institution.
  • Training and awareness to all employees of the organization.
  • Implementation of security monitoring solutions that allow, in real time, to provide a clear visibility of the organization's status.
  • Use of encryption, digital certificates and dual factor authentication in organizations.
  • Implementation of Disaster Recovery Plans, Backups and Business Continuity Plan.
Can I purchase services at different levels?

Services can be provided at different levels of maturity in the organization and can be customized according to the reality of the institution.

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