h-Cyber Monitor
Cyber Security Monitoring Service

The Cyber Security Monitoring Service provides the monitoring of all assets (internal or external), to detect and identify threats and Indicators of compromise (IOCs) in order to ensure cyber security monitorization in a real time environment.


This service is defined by the following elements:

  • Provision of the ability to check all Inbound/Outbound traffic, to ensure compliance with security standards and applicable customer security polices; such checks include malicious code, executable content, encrypted content, SPAM, classified data content.

  • Monitorization of outbound e-mail service, either centrally by the Incident Response Team, or locally by appropriate IA customer staff.

  • Monitorization of customer's Internet-facing sites, applications, and services for unauthorized changes and to take appropriate reporting/remediation actions.

  • Network Intrusion Monitoring, Detection & Prevention services, centrally managed and monitored Network-based technologies:
    • Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) – will detect, log, and report network-based malicious activity.
    • Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) – as for IDS with the additional function of the ability to attempt to stop/block detected activity.

Added Value

  • Reduces Downtime, one of our main advantages of cyber security monitoring services is that it is an excellent way to reduce downtime for your company. A full-functioning network is essential for day-to-day business operations and the managed security services provider will ensure that everything is working at an optimal level by continually testing it on a frequent basis.

  • These preventive monitoring services will also repair and make any needed improvements to our customer network (IT, IoT & OT) configurations to minimize the chance of downtime that can result in significant financial costs for our customer.

  • Increases Productivity of Employees, an added benefit of cyber security monitoring services is that it is an effective way to increase the productivity levels of each employee. For example, a managed security service provider will handle all the technical duties involving a network, which allows our customer employees to better concentrate on their core job tasks. Improving network performance is a top priority for an IT team, as this will enable our customer employees to complete their job duties quicker and work much more efficiently.

  • Limits Damage of Cyber Attacks. These attacks can devastate the reputation of any business and can also cause significant data breaches. Many of these cyber threats focus on penetrating the network to steal valuable information and wreak havoc on the entire operating system.

  • We will automatically detect any unusual activity within our customer network and prevent a cyber threat from spreading to other areas and causing widespread damage.
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